A new way to improve your AutoCAD skills

The podCADing podcast has been created with today's busy schedules in mind. By providing episodes in short, easy to listen to lengths, you are able to learn new skills to help your career while still being able to keep up with the rest of your life.

With podCADing's unique audio format, we are sure that it will become one of your favorite tools as you continue to master AutoCAD.

Podcasts have the unique benefit of allowing you to learn while being involved in other tasks. podCADing isn't just audio though. We provide simple, easy to use reference documents that will allow you to follow along with the episode and refer back to the information any time in the future.

The material is presented in a logical topic by topic manner that will help brand new users learn the basics of AutoCAD. At the same time, we delve deep into the information so that even the most experienced user will find something of benefit.

Give the show a listen and tell us what you think.